Artist Statement

Sharing music is the goal I believe all musicians must have, as expressing ourselves through art, and bringing people together through emotions and feelings, marks the difference between artists and listeners. As a musician, communication is fundamental to be able to send an inspirational message to our audience. However, education is essential to make others understand that music is a professional career, and I believe that education and art are at the base of any society. Also, spreading the traditional music of each culture is a good way to acquire knowledge, in addition to listening, creating and performing different genres of music, which also contributes to create a respectful audience, starting with musicians first. I work hard to become a live example of someone who can give hope and encourage others to believe in themselves. I am convinced that music can change the world; we just have to learn how to use its sources with passion and responsibility.




Claudia plays tenor, alto, soprano and baritone saxophone. She also plays flute and peruvian percussion.

Maria Presuntuosa // Claudia Medina

"Maria Presuntuosa" is one of the latest productions of Claudia, where she made an special arrangement of two traditional Peruvian landós called "Maria Lando" and "Negra Presuntuosa."



From Perú to The World aims to collaborate with musicians from other cultures, such as the Middle East, in order to share our musical traditions and learn from each other. The second goal of this project that Claudia created is to teach composition and performance of Peruvian music through master classes and workshops oriented to elementary students, college students and music professors in order to benefit the social environment of the community.


  • Berklee Revelation Records 2019 Album Release Concert. May 6th at 6:00PM

  • 5 de Mayo Celebration at the Mexican Consulate. May 8th at 8:00PM

  • Claudia Medina's Peruvian Project at the Jazz Zone (Lima, Peru). May 22nd at 10:00PM

  • Claudia Medina's Peruvian Project at the Cocodrilo Verse (Lima, Peru). May 29th at 9:30PM

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